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In November 2010 the first XPresso Lesson was held on This free training series turned out to produce a lot of useful presets, so that was launched in May 2011. This website should archive those and other XPresso presets and give developers the chance to sell them.

In November 2011 the website was opened up for developers of other programming languages as well. With a lot of new features and completely redesigned, is now a platform for everything Cinema 4D.

All products that are offered on this website are tools for Maxon’s Cinema 4D. They will help customers to speed up their workflow so that they can spend more time on being creative rather than trying to figure out technical difficulties.

Robert Leger
Founder, website developer, administrator

Robert is a graduate designer working at the motion design / post production studio Zitronella in Cologne, Germany. He has a strong background in web development and enjoys both the technical and the visual aspects of his job. In his free time Robert offers free C4D training at and is the lead singer of the Metalband Solar Fragment

Charles Rowland
Scripting, server admin, JQuery mentor

Charles Rowland is a web designer/developer currently living in Fargo, ND working at Sundoginteractive. Charles works with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SalesForce, Expression Engine and a myriad of other amazing technologies. In his spare time he dabble in 3D and motion design with Cinema 4D and After Effects. Charles also plays bass guitar to maintain a hightened level of awesomeness.


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