lunedì 9 luglio 2012

Element 3D Extended Fmamily

 more news videocopilot! everything will be available from tomorrow!

We were going to wait and surprise everyone with this news but I see a lot of people wondering where they can find quality 3D models and the answer is now at Video Copilot!

If you have ever purchased a 3D model you know they are pretty expensive, usually ranging from $40-$100 for a SINGLE high quality model so we thought we could save you some time and maybe some money with our very own professionally designed 3D models! All objects are compatible with Element 3D plus your favorite 3D program as well. We’ve included two universal formats (OBJ & FBX) to be ready for your creative works in Element or your favorite dedicated 3D program! (Cinema 4D, 3D Max, Maya, Blender and more)

We have been working with some talented 3D artists to bring these packs to life and they have done an amazing job! So I’d like to thank Stefan, Alexander, Theo and Bobby, I’m sure they are glad the notes are over (“Let’s make that a little more grungy, That one Less shiny, This should be 50% more delicious”.

We have also put these models through some serious quality control to make sure every model meets a high standard. We didn’t just export the 3D files to OBJ & FBX, we opened each one in many popular 3D programs to make sure the polygons loaded correctly.

They will be available with Element 3D this Tuesday including some new bundles. I think we all need a vacation after this!

Stay tuned for another Element 3D tutorial featuring the “Animation Engine”! And to keep expectations under control, it does NOT do physics since simulations since you lose control of Objects but it is quite powerful nonetheless. I will tell you the animation system is what spawned this entire plug-in almost 2 years ago…

NICE!!! :)

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